Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yoo Soo Young

Yoo Soo Young Profile
Birth name: Yoo Soo-Young (유수영; 柳水永)
Born October 23, 1981
Origin: Yokohama, Japan
Occupations: Singer
Years active: 1997 ~ 2002 (group), 2002 ~ present (solo)
Labels: Sedona Media

Yoo Soo-Young (born 23 October 1981, in Yokohama, Japan), more commonly known as Shoo (her Japanese name), is a Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop group S.E.S.. Although Korean, she lived in Japan for most of her early life. She got her start in the group by trying out in auditions for SM Entertainment (unlike the other two members, who were discovered through less conventional methods). She succeeded in getting noticed from the judges and was thus offered a spot in their girl group, which became known as S.E.S. (standing for Sea, Eugene, and Shoo, the three members).

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